Prescriptive Payday Loans

Doctor's orders: take your Prescription Payday Loans and call back in the morning. Miss them and you'll find yourself in a state of financial shock.

Prescription Payday Loans

Nurse...this man's fiscal picture looks a little pale. Check his vitals...pulse is good, income is still pumping and his financial reservers appear to be just fine...wait. He's spiking! This is an emergency people! Nurse, grab that scalpel and and open his left carteroid checking account! You! Intern! Hold his arms down with these roll-over fees - I don't want another write-off in the eye. Doctor! Get in here and help me with this direct deposit advance. Hurry up, we're gonna loose him! Nurse, I need 300 cc's of fiscal relief in this man's account, stat!

Faced with certain death, our lenders will save the day!

And he's stable. That was a close one people, save for our trusted lenders. It happens around here every day - people falling into indebted comas, cash herniations and triple-bypass bankruptcy surgeries. Its a rough world out there, our financial bodies are weak and borrowing is the last line of defense we have against certain fiscal death. But it takes a keen eye and a well trained financial mind to correctly diagnose the need for short-term fiscal solutions, and it takes a strong body in desperate financial straits to really benefit from a cash injection. Financial sickness and pain are well taken care of by our lenders when taken in a fast and easy to manage form, but a healthy body abusing lending is nothing short of a loan addict.

The Trusted Professionals

You'll hear a lot of bad press about the effectiveness of payday advance procedures, about the dangers of using your upcoming paycheck for actual purchases before you have it. And you'll hear it from us - we know the risks and we know the side effects of the payday advance. But when its your life on the line, when its your money stress and your moment of greatest financial suffocation, what's it gonna be? Are you going to suffer through the pain on your own or seek out thee quick, satisfying relief offered by short-term lending services?

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